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Chatbots are the next big thing.

And we know chatbots!


Check Gesprek & Gastregistratie

Bij de versoepelingen van de landelijke coronamaatregelen zijn veel sectoren verplicht om bij elke bezoeker/gast een triage uit te voeren. Dit heeft in de volksmond veelal de term "RIVM-vragenlijst of Check gesprek" gekregen.

Wij bieden een oplossing om dit voor u te automatiseren zodat u hier zo min mogelijk werk aan heeft. De gasten/bezoekers kunnen hiermee tegelijk aan de ingang op hun eigen smartphone de vragenlijst invullen zonder gebruik te hoeven maken van een app.

About Us.

We won't stop after development, that's just where our journey begins!

Our name has not just dropped out of the sky, we love to be involved. When we create a new product or service, we'll not just assume the world works as we think. We'll find the right customers first and like to get involved in their workflow. We invest a lot of time and resources in this process. In the end, we can deliver the first iteration of a service that is exactly what the client needs and is not over-engineered. That's right, a first iteration, this is only the start. After that, constant feedback and new iterations will follow to keep create the best service possible.

Our staff has a variety of expertise in areas as sales, management, marketing, training and software development making Involved Group a powerful partner for a wide diversity of projects. Let's get in touch!

Creative Thinking
Product Design
Chatbot Development
UI/UX Development

Our Services.

Chatbots are the next big thing.

And we know chatbots!

The word "chatbot" is the buzzing word in every conversation about communication these days.
But what are chatbots? And how would they gain your business?

The answer to these questions not only depend on your business but also on how the chatbot would be implemented. In a perfect world, a one-size-fits-all chatbot would be able to boost your business, but unfortunately, that is far from reality. You need a partner with a good understanding of how your company works and how chatbots would benefit you.

Lucky for you, we've got you covered! We're able to build chatbots at any size from small businesses to enterprise solutions. From responding to frequently asked questions to complex integrations with other software. We'll start with determining first where the chatbot can benefit your business.


We're currently working on a separate website on our chatbot services. In the meantime just contact us if you have any questions. We're happy to help!



Wifi is still the backbone of guest connection.

Why should we offer guest-wifi, everybody has 3G/4G, right? Well, the statistics of our clients will tell you otherwise. With over millions of successfully connections on 240.000+ registered users and even more anonymous guests we can safely assume WiFi is still big.

InvolvedWifi is one of our proudest achievements in the Involved Group. It offers business owners to provide safe internet connections to their guests, and also use it as a powerful marketing tool.

Visit involvedwifi.com to learn more about it.




Loyalty cards enable returning visitors.

With InvolvedCards we offer a service to design and/or print loyalty cards. All personalized with unique bar- or QR-codes. They work with a variety of point of sale systems like Lightspeed, Gastrofix, MobiPOS etc.

Visit webshopinvolvedcards.eu to learn more about it.



L1nda POS connections

Integrations will keep your clients happy.

We've developed integrations for L1nda between Lightspeed and Gastrofix. L1nda is a wonderful employee planning tool in the Netherlands. With our integrations with the point of sale systems, the L1nda overview is provided with constantly up to date revenue numbers and actual worked hours.

L1nda Lightspeed Gastrofix


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